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More Award Winning Wine from an Available Santa Barbara County Vineyard

Just last week, Wine Spectator awarded Vogelzang Vineyards with an outstanding rating for two of their 2010 wines. The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve received 92 points, while the Birdsong Sauvignon Blanc received 91 points. Wine Spectator's 100 point scale classifies wines in the 90-94 point range as "outstanding: a wine of superior character and style." The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Estate is now the highest rated Sauvignon Blanc in the country!

Vogelzang Vineyard White Grapes, Santa Barbara County

Vogelzang Vineyards, Santa Barbara County








Winemaker Robbie Meyer blends the estate Sauvignon Blanc grapes with the Musque clone which offers floral spicy and tropical notes with a fuller body. His blends use wild yeast grains, giving the wines a wonderful aromatic note.

The 108-acre Vogelzang vineyard presents an incredible and unique opportunity to own an award-winning vineyard in an up-and-coming world-class wine region. Vogelzang rests at the heart of Happy Canyon, one of the first nationally recognized appellations in Santa Barbara County. With fantastic potential for an estate site, the property boasts plenty of space to build an expansive home and equestrian facilities alongside the vines. For more information, click here.



vogelzang vines make award-winning wines

If you'll excuse the rhyming title, we want to take a moment to announce some exciting news. One of our vineyard listings, the phenomenal Vogelzang vineyard property in Happy Canyon, has recently received some widespread recognition for its world-famous wines.

- Their 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve was selected to be poured for the leaders of the Free World last weekend at the NATO G-8 Summit intimate leaders only banquet in Chicago's Soldier Field.

- Their 2010 Birdsong Sauvignon Blanc was rated 91 by Wine Spectator in their advanced issue coming public in June.

- Their 2010 Viognier Reserve was selected in January 2012, by Tony Asnault, Executive Chef at Patina in LA (Four Michelin Stars) and served with his creations at The James Beard Foundation, NYC.

- Their 2010 Birdsong Viognier was chosen this week to represent California Viognier at the Court of Master Sommeliers at the Bellagio in Las Vegas May 29-31.

We love that there's so much more to this property than looks alone; and, as we're sure you can see, it has no lack of aesthetic beauty.  Click on any of the photos to see the property's page on our site.

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