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The Montecito Association's New Website

One of the best aspects of living in Montecito is residing in a tight-knit, involved community. At the center of the community sits the Montecito Association, a nonprofit organization that unites local businesses and individuals with the city and each other. It is supported directly by its members for whom it monitors, and thus protects, issues affecting the area.

This week, the Montecito Association proudly unveiled its new website, which provides a plethora of new services for members and the community in general-- it's a great place to check out all things Montecito. Quoting the Montecito Association, some of the new features include:

-Updates on current issues affecting Montecito

-Secure payment system that accepts online payment for membership dues

-Community calendar featuring local events of interest

-Useful links to community resources

-Spotlight opportunities for area nonprofits

-Photo gallery and uploader showcasing Montecito scenes and festivities

-Community Hall rental information


If you're a Montecito resident, property owner, or business, be sure to make great use of this new forum. If you're not a member yet, we recommend that, too!