Tudor-style homes are a rare commodity on the West Coast, which makes them all the more attractive.

Tudor-style is trending on the West Coast.

Ellen DeGeneres bought Adam Levine’s Beverly Hills, Tudor-style mansion for $45 Million

The five-bedroom, 12-bathroom property seems like the perfect addition to DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi’s growing collection of luxury estates. The home features crown molding, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, an all-steel kitchen, and a 2,000-square-foot master suite.



What defines a Tudor-style home?

Tudor-style homes are recognizable by their steeply pitched roof and front-facing gables (the triangular portion of the roof). The windows are often tall and narrow with multiple panes. Large groupings of windows are also common. Tudor chimneys are another notable element: they typically have decorative chimney pots, a stone or metal extension at the top of the brick chimney. Smaller versions of these homes may have a storybook appearance to them, while larger Tudors often embody the romantic ideal of an English country manor.

Why are Tudor-style homes rare these days?

According to Peter Pennoyer, FAIA, of Peter Pennoyer Architects, innovative masonry veneer techniques developed in the early 1900s made brick and stone homes more affordable to build, but the intricacies of Tudors still were overly expensive for the average home builder. After World War II, when the country turned to focusing on new, affordable housing developments, the style fizzled out.



Snatch a charming Tudor-style estate right in the heart of Montecito.

808 San Ysidro Lane

This storybook home, embodying the Tudor-style through high-beamed ceilings, large groupings of windows, a chimney, and front-facing gables, is the perfect place for you to pen the next chapter of your life. Sweeping mountain views and lush lawns are beautiful compliments to the flexible floor plan that effortlessly fosters indoor/outdoor living. This is quintessential Montecito living with a touch of historic architecture.