Santa Barbara’s Real Estate Market Remains Strong After the Thomas Fire; What to Expect in the New Year.

With the Thomas Fire still fresh in our minds (and our hearts still full of gratitude for the incredible firefighters!), we decided to pull historical stats to see how the Montecito market fared in previous years when our area was impacted by wildfire. The data show good news! During each of the years following significant fires in Santa Barbara County, Montectio's luxury market remained robust. Interestingly, Montecito saw some of the highest number sales ever in 2009-2010, a time that followed three fires, including the Tea Fire. Check out the graphs below to see significant Montecito sales that closed in a twelve-month period following a fire.

Sherpa Fire, June 2016

8 Sales in Montecito $8M+ June 2016-June 2017



La Brea Fire, August 2009  

Jesusita Fire, May 2009

Tea Fire, November 2009

14 Sales in Montecito $8M+, November 2009 - November 2010



Gap Fire, July 2008

9 Sales in Montecito $8M+, July 2008- July 2009


Zaca Fire, July 2007

19 Sales in Montecito $8M+, July 2007- July 2008