Top schools in montecito, california

more than just a vacation destination

Montecito is a destination for people all over the globe thanks to the gorgeous beaches, fine dining, and luxury shopping. Those lucky enough to live in this gorgeous town benefit from way more than just the tasty food and chic attire Montecito has to offer. Montecito is home to two of the top elementary schools in California: Montecito Union and Cold Spring Elementary. Both schools were recognized in 2014 as California Distinguished Schools by the California Department of Education. Montecito Union School (MUS) was also ranked the number 2 elementary school in the state based on the CAASPP ELA (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress for elementary level) test scores. Additionally, MUS obtained international recognition as a Habits of Mind school, and received a gold medal as a California Green Ribbon School.

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Selection of our listings in the MUS School District