Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy empire, recently put his Beverly Hills mansion up for sale in what is, quite possibly, the most talked about listing in Los Angeles real estate history. The mansion - famous for housing exotic animal's, Hefner's "Bunnies," and some seriously risque parties - is listed with Hilton & Hyland for $200,000,000.  Some of the more notable property features include: a pool with a grotto, tennis courts, a wine cellar, a gym, a movie theatre, and a 4-bedroom guesthouse. Also included in the sale is a zoo license and.... Hugh Hefner himself. Whoever purchases the property must allow Hefner to remain in the estate for the remainder of his life (fancy a dinner guest?). A spokesperson for Playboy Enterprises stated that the sale is a strategic decision that will allow Playboy “to continue to reinvest in the transformation of our business", and noted that the home served as a workplace and creative center for Hefner and he hopes that it will do the same for whomever the new owner is to be.  

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