The weather forecast isn't the only telltale sign that Spring is in full swing here in Santa Barbara. It is 80 degrees and sunny this week and the housing market seems to be equally hot with the unwritten real estate law "Spring is the best time to sell a home" being fully enforced. With so much activity in the market, Riskin Associates would like to educate our clients and readers with some insights into the current state of the market.

This quintessential Santa Barbara home offers the coveted, coastal lifestyle with ocean and mountain views and an enchanting landscape.
This quintessential Santa Barbara home offers the coveted, coastal lifestyle with ocean and mountain views and an enchanting landscape.

Firstly, the long, cold winter is finally over. The Polar Vortex quite literally froze the market and as the East and North East melts back into action, buyers are ready (and more motivated thane ever!) to relocate or purchase second residences in sunny California. Additionally, the rule rings true that spring and summer are THE time of year for real estate transactions. According to, sixty percent of all homes will be bought and sold between May and August in 2014.

Pricing is important. Consider it a bit of a reflection on the obvious, but pricing your property appropriately is still considered one of the chief factors in getting it sold quickly. While we have seen price increases into the double digits over the past year, the first quarter of 2014 did not reflect these increases. suggests closely considering comps of other homes in the area and trusting the expertise of the listing agent. Also, keep recency in mind. For luxury homes, give recently sold comps more weight than older sales. The more recent a sale, the more accurate picture it paints of the current market. A hot market often brings fears of the dreaded bidding war. But fear not, statistics are showing that bidding wars are not as common as they were last year.

Another suggestion for grabbing a quick sale is to list your home earlier rather than later. Many homes will come on the market in late May and early June. Listing your home before the "rush" will give it a chance to shine as a new listing and get the attention and activity it deserves. Have your home ready to market before listing it the MLS and keep it in show condition so short notice requests will be easily accommodated.

Marketing a listing appropriately is key. A good team of agents will offer five star marketing services and will ensure your home is as attractive as possible to the buyers browsing the web for homes for sale. Riskin Associates employs a full time marketing staff. Having this manpower gives the Riskin Associates team the ability to create high-definition showcase videos, pitch listings to a network of public relations connections and design custom marketing strategies for each of their special listings.