As Riskin Associates, ocean-view estate in Montecito
As Riskin Associates, ocean-view estate in Montecito

The world of residential real estate, especially at the luxury level, can often be a myriad of complex processes which can be difficult to navigate. Additionally, even the smallest of hiccups can cause a deal to fall through. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced agent or team who has the knowledge to weather any procedural storm. Educating both buyers and sellers on each step of the escrow process - and what's involved - is key to a smooth transaction.

Today, Forbes brings to the table three issues which are regular culprits of a crumbled deal. Understanding why they cause problems and how to avoid them can make or break a seller's deal.

  • Financing. "Back in the day" almost anyone could obtain a loan, however much of that ideology has changed and it is more important than ever for seller's to require a letter of pre-approval from the buyer. But keep in mind, this letter doesn't guarantee that a buyer will get the loan to buy your house. So, as usual, cash is king!
  • Appraisals. Thanks to foreclosures and short sales skewing comps, home appraisals are coming in at significantly lower figures than in the past. How is this a threat to your deal you ask? The answer circles back to our friends the financiers. Lenders will not loan more than a house has been appraised for, meaning that if your house is appraised for lower than the asking or accepted offer price, a buyer requiring financing will not be able to obtain a loan for the required amount - thus taking their offer off the table or requiring the seller to accept a lower offer.
  • Timing. Delaying buyers access to their new home is an overwhelming cause for deal abandonment. Banking, repairs, or lengthy close of escrow can all deter a buyer from moving forward with a deal. It is important to foresee any possible delays before entering escrow to ensure the best probability of closing the deal.

Whether you are a first time seller, or experienced in the process, understand that each deal is unique and presents its own set of potential issues. Taking great care in financial, home and personal preparations, as well as working with an experienced agent, will ensure that the sale of your home is as headache-free as it can possibly be.