Everyone has their own version of a "busy schedule" and while every industry has unique requirements for how much time is needed to put in in order to be successful, the bottom line is we all need more time. Between careers, social lives and personal time, it seems that nearly every hour of the week is blocked off for something and nearly everyone is asking: how can I make more time? As real estate professionals in the busy markets of Montecito and Santa Barbara, here at Riskin Associates, we are constantly in search of ways to carve out more time for get things done.

Last week, Forbes came to our rescue with an article supplying a few useful suggestions for how to better manage our time. Here, we break down their suggestions for you (time saving!) or click here to read the full article.

  • Free time doesn't have to be available time. When you see a block of time in your calendar that hasn't already been dedicated to an event or activity, fight the urge to fill it with the next invitation. Everyone wants to take advantage of worth-while opportunities, but saying no in order to leave a Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon open in the calendar will allow you to recharge your batteries and take time for yourself. Being committed to another event doesn't have to be the only reason to turn down an invitation.
  • Put it on the calendar. Yes, you read that correctly. And as oxymoronic as it sounds, filling your calendar will allow you to get more things done. Here's the catch, fill your calendar with the tasks that should get done every day/week/month and put them on the schedule for the next three months. If it isn't on the calendar it won't get done. Are weekday exercise sessions routinely pushed to the bottom of your list in favor of that early morning conference call? Do personal administrative tasks (bill paying, trip planning etc.) get put on the back burner due to networking events? Schedule time for these tasks for the next 2-3 months. The time doesn't have to be set in stone, but if time is allotted for these tasks early, you can easily move them as needed. Just be sure to move them, not remove them from the calendar.
  • Get this: Sometimes time is more valuable than money. Do you despise the time you feel is wasted by cooking meals and washing dishes every night? Doing laundry on the weekends? In some cases, forking out the extra money in order to save time is well worth it. Eliminated stress, completing more important or urgent tasks, and allowing more time for relaxation are all worth the price difference in paying for a meal delivery system or housekeeper to help with cleaning and laundry. They say 'time is money' but maybe they could be saying 'money makes time.'

With some new insight into how to find more time in your schedule, do an experiment on time management. Follow these suggestions and let us know if you found these tips helpful!