As the fulcrum between the mountains and the sea, here you have a front row seat to trace the sun’s full arc across the sky and watch as it paints the mountains each evening with a luminescent glow.  From this vantage point, the night sky is a private planetarium that blossoms each morning into spectacular sunrises, only to pause throughout the day and highlight the views, before finally waning into lingering evening sunsets.  Sheer perfection and the ultimate realization of the California dream.

On the secondary parcel, a charming 3-bedroom house, pool and tennis court offer comfortable accommodations for guests, or could easily serve as temporary housing as the new estate is designed and built.

More than anything, this site offers a remarkable transcendental experience. As you stand on the knoll, commanding an army of foothills at your back and the attention of the of the sea at your fingertips, it’s impossible not to experience the same overwhelming sense of awe that befell W.H. Cowles over 100 years ago when the site was identified and developed. An undeniable sense of wonder and possibility resonate as powerfully today as in 1915 and as will for generations to come.