2018 Home Design Trends


2018 Home Design Trends

Why, Hello there 2018! 

Here's a look at this year's home design trends

More is more: Modern maximalism

Clean lines and sheik accessories meet textures + patterns + colors

1478 East Mountain Drive

riskin Partners 2018 Design Trends

picture perfect closet spaces

because let's face it, we all deserve a dream closet

florals, saturated colors, and wallpaper

tasteful risk taking


2733 sycamore canyon

2733 Sycamore Canyon Road

saturated colors

2018 Home Design Trends Riskin Partners Real Estate

1478 East Mountain Drive


36 Canon View Road

art deco

it's back & better than ever

Villa Florence






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Montecito is more than a tranquil seaside village. It is where we work and where we play. Where we grew up and where we are raising our children. Montecito is where we call home... and where we will continue to call home.

Recently, our beloved community endured a terrible tragedy. Despite many of the images you’ve likely seen on the news, much of Montecito’s natural beauty remains untouched. Many of the country’s celebrated entertainers, entrepreneurs, authors, and philanthropists - people who can live anywhere - choose to make Montecito their home. The community here, and beyond, are committed to rebuilding and residing in this incredible town we all love so dearly.

The spirit of our community has never been stronger. While there is rebuilding in our future, the truths of the past remain present: Montecito is wholly committed to rising and thriving in the face of adversity.

helping hands & healing hearts: Part 3

1. ways to give back

shop local

Please continue to support locally-owned businesses in Montecito! More than ever, shopping local is an important way to help our community thrive. Click here for a complete list of shops and restaurants. Pay it forward by purchasing gift certificates.

sb bucket brigade

This incredible group of volunteers is helping people by cleaning up their properties of mud and debris.

In addition to field volunteers, the Bucket Brigade is in need of financial support. Click here to donate.

Email TeaFireRelief@gmail.com or call at 805-969-2026 if you need help or wish to volunteer.

celebrate montecito's upper village

Saturday, February 24 from 2-6pm, a similar event to the Cash Mob is planned for Montecito’s beloved Upper Village. Mark your calendar for another great afternoon of supporting our local stores. We hope to see you there!

kick ash bash

Sunday, February 25th, 12-6pm Join an expected 2,500+ people to celebrate our first responders! Sited at the spectacular Nesbitt Bella Vista Estate in Summerland, the event will be part music festival, part family fair, and 100% about bringing our community together in the aftermath of tragedy.  With live music, food, drink, and entertainment for the kids, the event has been completely underwritten by the immediate and extraordinary generosity of individuals and local foundations. Come celebrate with first responders, and local heroes.

santa barbara restaurant week

February 23rd to March 4th  Try restaurants you’ve dreamed of dining at and experience a 3-course meal that will guarantee to leave you feeling full all for a prix fixe price. There are options for every budget.

Restaurants include favorites like Blackbird, Bella Vista at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore, Tre Lune, Lucky’s, Loquita, and many more!  Click here for a complete list of restaurants

SB Restaurant Week has partnered with the California Restaurant Association Foundation. 50% of proceeds from restaurant registration will go to CRAF’s grant program, Restaurants Care, that offers financial relief for restaurant/hospitality workers who experienced losses during the Thomas Fire and Mudslide. 

2. insurance

what's happening?

Many people have questions about insurability in Montecito. Are new homeowners’ policies being written? Can existing policies be renewed? We reached out to Grace Neumann, Vice President of Chivaroli Premier Insurance Services, for a conversation about her experience helping clients navigate the insurance market post-fire and debris flow.

“I just had a long conversation with our marketing manager at AIG.  He said it’s business as usual for them. There are no areas off limits and they would underwrite on a case by case basis like they always have

In regards to the red zone mapping, AIG has not incorporated that into their underwriting and it has not impacted their underwriting. There are no areas off limits to them and there are no moratoriums. AIG is actively looking to write business.

Other carriers are writing in Montecito too. The underwriters are taking a close look at each risk, again like they did before.

I wanted to reiterate that I feel people are taking a huge gamble if they don’t have Flood/Excess Flood coverage. The further we get away from the Thomas Fire, the harder it’s going to be for the carriers to find the approximate cause the Fire.  

On the Flood coverage, there is a 30 day waiting period for the National Flood program.  Chubb has a 7 day wait on Flood coverage and AIG has no wait on their Flood coverage.” Grace Neumann, February 22, 2018

This is great news for Montecito’s present and future homeowners. As a reminder, each property’s situation is unique and it is always best to contact your insurance agent with specific questions.

3. monitoring storms

new high-tech rain gauges

In the aftermath of the Thomas Fire and 1/9 Debris Flow, the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District installed six additional real-time rain gauges to provide enhanced rainfall monitoring for the impacted areas.

In cooperation with the National Parks Service, three new high-tech gauges were installed at weather monitoring stations on the Channel Islands, located at Anacapa, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands. These gauges electronically dispatch storm information to the National Weather Service (NWS) and are vital in giving advance warning of the direction and intensity of storms approaching south Santa Barbara County.

In order to improve the NWS’s ability to predict the location and intensity of local rainfalls, three additional gauges have been installed in the watersheds above Montecito (see map).  With such a large geographic area at risk from future storms, the pin-pointing of rainfall patterns will provide valuable feedback to the NWS as they work to make their advance predictions more accurate.

“These rain gauges will improve the ability of the National Weather Service to have more accurate modeling and therefore better predictions,” says Rob Lewin, Director of the County’s Office of Emergency Management.

There are now 95 gauges countywide that transmit data to the NWS in real-time.  The system enhancements are a collaborative effort between the County’s Flood Control District, the NWS, the National Parks Service and the California Geological Survey.  

Information from the Santa Barbara County rain gauge network is available at: https://rain.cosbpw.net/home.php.  For additional storm readiness information, visit ReadySBC.org.

4. resources


ReadySBC.org website.  Check out their FAQ page for useful information.

trauma and grief therapy

Trauma and Grief TherapyDirectory for Santa Barbara Mudslide & Fire Survivors and Families.  For a complete list of sessions offered by licensed therapists, click here.


The American Red Cross: Offering disaster mental health services

www.redcross.org/volunteer     (800)REDCROSS or (805) 687-1331

Hospice of Santa Barbara: Offering grief therapy for all ages

www.hospiceofsantabarbara.org     (805) 563-8820

Santa Barbara Response Network: Offering psychological first aid (PSA)

www.sbresponsenetwork.org    (805) 699-5608

montecito association

Is a fantastic resource for the most up to date information on maps, road closures and openings, clean up tips and resources, future evacuations, etc.  If you are not a member of the Montecito Association, we highly encourage you to join. Click here for quick and easy membership information.

Helping hands & healing hearts: part 2

1. resources for up-to-date information

ReadySBC.org released a new map of areas at risk for future debris flow. Check out their helpful site to see the map, sign up for alerts, and view other tips should an evacuation order be placed in the future. If you missed the press release or community meeting, you can view the here. Being prepared and aware is key!

The Montecito Association is a fantastic resource for the most up to date information on maps, road closures and openings, clean up tips + resources, future evacuations, etc. If you are not a member of the Montecito Association, we highly encourage you to join. Click Here for quick and easy membership information.

2. getting aid and giving back

getting aid:


This site was established to support local workers and families in Montecito whose regular employment have been impacted by the Thomas Fire and debris flow. Recipients of 93108fund grants are hourly wage earners who were unable to work due to the closures in Montecito: shop-keepers, clerks, food service employees, gas station attendants, small store employees, caregivers, and many others who were impacted by the recent disaster. CLICK for more information.


After the fire, this dedicated team came together with a desire to unify and heal as a community and to honor both our First Responders and Thomas Fire victims. After the debris flows, they are also collecting donations for emergency equipment, counseling services, and survivor relief. Known as "805 One," this group is organizing the "Kick Ash Bash" which will take place on Sunday, February 25 from 12-6pm at the Nesbitt Bella Vista Estate in Summerland. Part music festival, part family fair, and 100% bringing our community together, this event generously benefits Fire, Police, Sheriff, CHP, and Direct Relief. Mark your calendars and see you there!

giving back:

Cash Mob

Saturday's cash mob was a success! Please continue to support locally-owned businesses in Montecito! More than ever, shopping local is important.

Celebrate Montecito's Upper Village

Saturday, February 24 from 2-6pm, a similar event to the Cash Mob is planned for the Upper Village. Mark your calendar for another great afternoon of supporting our local stores. More details to follow.

SB Bucket Brigade

This incredible group of volunteers is working to help clean up their properties and access their homes.

*Email TeaFireRelief@gmail,com if you need this kind of assistance or if you want to volunteer. Put "NEED HELP" in the subject line and in the body of the email, indicate the kind of help you need.

3. Frequently asked questions

Wondering what to do with mud and debris on your property? Do you need a permit for removal? What should be done if you find hazardous waste during cleanup?

The ReadySBC.org website has answers to these questions and more. Check out their FAQ page for useful information.

4. wellness

Trauma and Grief Therapy Directory for Santa Barbara Mudslide & Fire Survivors and Families

    Thank you to the following agencies for being front and center in serving the immediate needs of the community in the aftermath of the fire and mudslide!

        The American Red Cross: Offering disaster mental health services


(800)REDCROSS or (805) 687-1331

        Hospice of Santa Barbara: Offering grief therapy for all ages


(805) 563-8820

        Santa Barbara Response Network: Offering psychological first aid (PSA)


(805) 699-5608

Many licensed Santa Barbara therapists are generously offering up to six FREE trauma & grief therapy sessions until May 2018. for a complete list of providers, please see the link below. Mental health is a huge component of wellness and this is an excellent opportunity to help process the recent events.

For a complete list of sessions offered by licensed therapists, click here.

Returning to your neighborhood

Returning to your home for the first time may be a traumatic experience. The escort is designed to ensure your physical safety as you visit your residence for the first time, and provide support during what may be a very emotional time. You may feel overwhelmed by the many tasks ahead, but remember that self care is the vital first step for you to remain healthy and resilient. Below is a summary of ways to take action.

Your right to privacy

The media has been keeping our community informed during this fire and storm event and continues to pursue stories about the impacts. If you are approached by reporters or camera crews as you return to your neighborhood, remember that you have no obligation to consent to interviews, photographs, or filming. 

returning home

Be aware of these critical issues that you may face when returning home and exercise caution:

environmental hazards

  • Trees, brush, and rocks may be weakened or loosened, and may lose limbs or fall
  • Rocks loosened by flood and debris may roll and crumble. If rocks have rolled down a slope, expect more to follow
  • There may be debris or damage on roads and driveways.
  • Animal remains may be present in the debris. If found, call Animal Services at (805) 681-4332


  • If your vehicle is missing please contact California Highway Patrol at (805) 477-4174 with your vehicle identification number or license plate number

damaged utiilties

  • Call 811 before you dig! Or request a ticket online through call811.com.
  • Look for loose power lines, broken or damaged gas lines, foundation cracks, missing support beams, etc.
  • Look for visible damages to gas meters, gas lines, or propane tanks. DO NOT attempt to repair or turn on these services. Instead, call your local propane company or SoCalGas.
  • Look for visible damage to the electric meter. DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn the breaker on or off.
  • STAY CLEAR of electrical wire on the ground. Contact Southern California Edison.
  • DO NOT use open flame as a source of light since gas may still be present.

red and yellow placards

For buildings that have been damaged or destroyed, building inspectors have identified them according to hazard level and posted color-coded placards onsite.

RED PLACARDS: If your structure has been marked with a red placard, then that particular structure is NOT SAFE FOR ENTRY OR OCCUPANCY. Mud and debris are likely inside.

YELLOW PLACARDS: If your structure has been marked with a yellow placard, then that structure should be ENTERED WITH CAUTION.


For more detailed information, instructions, and resources, click here and continue to visit https://www.countyofsb.org.

helping hands & healing hearts

Earlier this week, our team attended the public panel discussion on how to move forward with Montecito’s rebuilding and recovery. On the panel was a FEMA representative, professional trauma expert, an insurance law specialist, and a contractor with an extensive background in disaster remediation. Below is a summary of the meeting.

1. County Emergency Management

A) The future. Next Monday the County of Emergency Management will be rolling out a game plan to prepare for the next storms. There are two kinds of storms we need to worry about: storms we see coming and those that sneak up on us. They will provide all the information they can to help us to be prepared for these as they don’t want us living in fear. County Emergency Management wants us moving forward with hope but used to the idea that we will need to leave sometimes. We get the choice of being survivors or victims. They want us to see ourselves as survivors!!

B) Mud and Debris. People are being told to put the mud in one area on their property and hold onto it until they can find a place to take all of it. An emergency permit request is out. There are some sites you can take the mud to but it’s very expensive, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. The government can not afford to take your mud away. Some will have to stay, some will have to be moved but we will have to work to figure it all out. They are writing a plan as we speak. 

C) The disaster zone. The disaster zone designation is scheduled to go away. They want people to secure their properties as soon as possible: meet with contractors or companies to put up fencing or board the house up. Officials will be lifting these zones in a couple of weeks!! NOW is the time to secure your property. 

D) Dust. They are going to be looking into some sort of dust mitigation. Since using good water to wet down the roads isn’t ideal, they are looking into alternative water to be trucked in to wet down the roads. 

2. Wellness

A community recovery and resiliency support group is being formed. Our team signed up to receive emails on this so we will continue to update our website with information as we have more details.


3. Rebuilding (Bryan Henson, Allen and Associates)

There are three steps that are critical to successfully moving forward:

A) Get informed:

Know what your insurance contract says:

  • Coverage A: your house.
  • Coverage B: structures not attached to your house (garage, guest house, pools, gates, walkways, etc.)
  • Extended Coverage: this will increase your Coverage A limit, should you need it. 
  • Contents: this can be a tedious and overwhelming task, but is necessary. If possible, review old photos and videos to document possessions
  • Additional Living Expenses (ALE) : this covers your expenses while out of your house. Most policies say you have 12 months, but you have 24 months under a disaster declaration such as this.
  • Buried deep in your policy are three more sections to be sure to read:
    • debris removal
    • trees and shrubs
    • code upgrade

Talk to your adjuster and have them help you navigate your policy! They’re your ally in the beginning … until they’re not. For the most part they are good people and they want to help. But also remember only you can be your own advocate.


B) Learn to become your own advocate:

Get comfortable fighting for what you need and deserve. Don’t rely on anyone else to be an advocate for you, they won’t.

C) Build your team:

There are a LOT of people in the construction community that just want to help!! Don’t be bashful to ask for the help. Put together a team of people that can help you to navigate this process. Rely on their expertise. Bring in contractor, architect and engineer early and at the same time.

4. Getting Aid (Insurance Law Specialist, Ray Bourhis and FEMA)

Insurance: Ray Bourhis. 

State Farm suit: The exclusions in your policy are meaningless if the reason for the flood is an underlying cause that is covered by insurance. 

Additional Living Expenses (ALEs): Ask to speak with the claims manager if your insurance tried to cap your ALEs to 2 weeks.

Personal Property inventory: Under most insurance policies, they have to give you replacement value for everything NOT a depreciation value! In some cases you have to pay to replace it first and if you do, they have to reimburse you! Do not let them try to pay you based on the depreciation value. You are entitled to be paid what it costs you to replace.


The deadline for applying for FEMA is March 16th. You can apply online. Even if you don’t want to take a loan, you should add it to your list of items to do because you may not think you need it now, but months down the line you may wish you had it available to you. FEMA is there if you are denied by insurance or don’t have insurance. FEMA’s program is not to make you whole again but to help you survive and make you function in a sanitary and safe environment. FEMA does not replace food. She mentioned that this County is the most organized and well-resourced County she has ever seen. FEMA will assist people with paying or reimbursing people for their ALEs but they do not duplicate expenses. The FEMA representative recommends having an organizer on your team. What was easy as part of normal life before will not be easy now. FEMA will assist with essentials you need to replace. They can also help with moving and storage. But again just essential items. They will also help pay for medical, dental, funerals, child care costs and things of the such. In order to qualify, you will have to have your insurance statements available. Disaster unemployment assistance is also available for lost wages. SBA is also available for small business loans. You can go online to apply.


SB BUCKET BRIGADE will be working this weekend with volunteers to help people clean up their properties so they can at least access their houses. 

Email TeaFireRelief@gmail.com if you need this kind of assistance or if you want to volunteer. Put NEED HELP in the subject line and in the body of the email, indicate the kind of help you need.

93108 Fund Montecito mudslides resources donate

93108 fund

The 93108Fund.Org has been established to support local workers and families in Montecito, whose daily work lives have been impacted by the devastating Thomas Fire and more recent mudslides. These are hourly wage earners who could not work their hours due to the closures in Montecito.  Shop-keepers, clerks, food service employees, gas station attendants, small store employees, caregivers, and many others who were impacted by the recent disaster. 

Click for more information and ways to donate.


Businesses on Coast Village Road are suffering due to the fire and mudslides, and we need to do everything we can to support them while the roads remain closed. Please support them online for now through their online stores, GoFundMe pages, or by visiting them at their secondary locations in Santa Barbara. Please visit them once they are accessible.



100% of profits on these shirts will go toward United Way of Santa Barbara. Visit Bonfire.com & StrengthInCalifornia.com.

ER Leather Goods

50% of all sales will be donated to Direct Relief

Santa Barbara Soaps

100% of the proceeds of these locally made soaps benefit Direct Relief


more ways to Help

  • Shop locally. Support small businesses and restaurants who have suffered loss of business, been forced to temporarily close their doors, and are using their own resources to aid first responders and evacuees.
  • Donate books. Montecito Union School has put together an Amazon wishlist for books that they will need in the coming weeks. MUS teachers and students are without regular classroom supplies.
  • Give money to the agencies directly involved in local relief efforts. The greatest need of organizations like Direct ReliefUnited Way, and the Unity Shoppe is cash donations.
  • Santa Barbara Helpers makes a direct connection between families’ needs, and families who can support those needs. They also link community resources such as: housing, temporary work, community events, lost and found, etc.
  • Connect those who are looking for work and those who are looking for employees in the Thomas Fire/Flood Temp Work Group.
  • Give blood. Make an appointment with United Blood Services.
  • Register yourself to volunteer on Red Cross website.
  • Volunteer at the Foodbank or Carpinteria Food Pantry, or collect non-perishable foods.

stay informed


Currently, access on Montecito roads is reserved for major debris-moving equipment, trucks hauling mud, first responders, and other emergency vehicles. Road clearance is ongoing and roads continue to be cleared, allowing access in both directions. The 101 is currently expected to open on Monday, January 22 although cleanup is ongoing and this date could be delayed depending on progress. The Amtrak train is running so residents and commuters have an option to travel between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.


Southern California Edison has restored power on Coast Village Road. They confirmed that 76 electric poles were destroyed in the storm though 1,400 homes are still without power in the area. So Cal Gas has said that for safety, they will turn gas service back on residence-by-residence. Montecito Sanitary District continues to check their facilities, but preliminary reports on the status of their service have been positive. Montecito Water District is still working diligently to restore service to the community, though they too have a long road ahead. Cox, our local cable and internet company, is also working to restore their systems.


During cleanup and recovery efforts, the County of Santa Barbara has asked residents respect the mandatory evacuation zone. This is both for public safety and to expedite the task of restoring utilities and clearing debris.  


FEMA has declared the individual relief portion of the mudslide disaster, meaning there is assistance available to you for loss of property, business, etc. Application can be made online at www.disasterassistance.gov, by phone 800-621-3362 or 800-462-7585, or from the FEMA app at fema.gov/mobile-app.

For those trying to file insurance claims, you may hit a stumbling block as Coast Village Rd was not included in the mandatory evacuation zone. According to the Montecito Association, Sheriff Brown is willing to sign a declaration that could be used with your insurance company stating this was a closed zone and no one could get in due to restricted access. We will update this page once we receive the signed declaration, for use in filing claims.

Joe Holland, from the county Assessor's Office, said they are doing assessments in the area now with the intention of dropping the property values to lower property taxes to help you.

Riskin Partners Montecito Santa Barbara California

Furnished Rentals

Click here to see available furnished rentals in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas

Our Beloved Rebecca

It is with heavy hearts we share that our dear friend and partner, Rebecca Riskin, has passed away as a result of the tragic flooding and mudslides in Montecito. The confirmation of her loss is incredibly devastating to her friends, family, and our community. Per her wishes, we intend to carry out her life’s work with the same strength, grace and elegance that wholly defined Rebecca. Rebecca was an exceptional woman, and her legacy will continue to live on and thrive through her children, Robert and Julia, her husband Ken Grand, and her namesake firm, Riskin Partners.

If you are looking for a way to honor Rebecca and support our community, please donate to the Tri-Counties Regional Center.  The non-profit provides support and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities living in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Details on a service and memorial are forthcoming.

Checks can be made payable to:

TCRC Client Help Fund

c/o TCRC
520 East Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, CA  93103

Tax ID #:  95-2623230


Montecito Strong artwork by Pedro De La Cruz





You won't want to miss these february happenings

From festivals, to Valentine's Day celebrations, to top notch eating experiences, Santa Barbara is the place to be this February.

noteworthy week-long events

33rd annual Santa Barbara Film Festival

WHere: Downtown Santa Barbara | when: January 31st - february 10th

Over the past 30 years, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival has become one of the leading film festivals in the United States – attracting 90,000 attendees and offering 11days of 200+ films, tributes, and symposiums. We bring the best of independent and international cinema to Santa Barbara, and we continue to expand our year-round operation to include a wide range of educational programming, fulfilling our mission to engage, enrich and inspire our community through film.

Santa Barbara Restaurant Week

Where: Participating restaurants | When: February 23rd - March 4th 

Being in Santa Barbara, we have so many food choices, it's easy to be a foodie here and feel satisfied. We are thrilled to bring you a dining experience like you've never had before. Try restaurants you've dreamed of dining at and experience a 3-course meal that will guarantee to leave you feeling full all for a prix fixe price. We've got restaurant options for every budget.

Restaurants include Blackbird, Bella Vista at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore, Cava Restaurant and Bar, Tre Lune, Lucky's, Loquita, The Lark, and many more!

SB Restaurant Week has partnered with the California Restaurant Association Foundation. SBRW will be giving 50% of our proceeds from restaurant registration to CRAF's grant program, Restaurants Care that offers financial relief for restaurant/hospitality workers who experienced losses during the Thomas Fire and Mudslide. 

Sips + Eats: giving back

Help Loquite save Bree'osh

where: loquita Santa Barbara | when: Sunday, February 11th from 11am - 2pm

Come support and help save our local Bree'Osh Bakery by joining Loquita's all-you-can-eat brunch and bottomless sangria event. Bree'Osh is in jeopardy as a result of the devastating Thomas fire and mudslide that has effected our community. $50 per person. Reserve a table now!

Can't make it to brunch? Click here to donate to the cause.


The 10th Santa Barbara wine auction

Where: THe Ritz-carlton bacara, Santa Barbara | When: Saturday, February 17th

 Every two years, the Santa Barbara Vintners coordinates a benefit for Direct Relief. Enjoy a Silent Auction, Live Auction, exquisite wine tasting experiences, a delicious dinner experience, and more. Celebrity Chris Harrison from The Bachelor returns to emcee the program while money-can’t-buy experiences are offered up for live bids. Chef John Cox has been invited as a special guest to preside over the evening’s menu. We invite you to participate in this meaningful event as The Bear and Star goes on the road!

celebrate: Valentine's Day

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Experience

Where: Jamie SLone Wines Tasting Room | When: Recurring Daily throughout month of February

You'll experience owner Kym's perfect wine and chocolate pairings with chocolates from Santa Barbara's Best Chocolatier, Jean Miguel of Chocolats Du Calibressan. Pairing includes four different chocolates and Five total wines (one white and four reds.) Kym will highlight our wine journey, the winemaking process and the different microclimates that make up Santa Barbara's AVAs. This experience is designed for the serious Chocoholic who loves wine and the opportunity to discover some amazing wines to add to your cellar.  Reserve your experience today!

Reservations required. Please call (805) 560-6555 or email info@jamieslonewines.com.

Valentine's Day Wine Tasting Experiences and Packages

Grapeline Wine Tours, Santa Barbara | when: February 10th - February 18th, 2018

Romanti-size your wine tour experience with wine, romance, and chocolate. Cupid-inspired packages available for this month's celebrations.

Lots of local eateries are hosting Valentine's Day specials - here's a list of our favorites:



Fire History and Sales Data


Fire History and Sales Data

Santa Barbara’s Real Estate Market Remains Strong After the Thomas Fire; What to Expect in the New Year.

With the Thomas Fire still fresh in our minds (and our hearts still full of gratitude for the incredible firefighters!), we decided to pull historical stats to see how the Montecito market fared in previous years when our area was impacted by wildfire. The data show good news! During each of the years following significant fires in Santa Barbara County, Montectio's luxury market remained robust. Interestingly, Montecito saw some of the highest number sales ever in 2009-2010, a time that followed three fires, including the Tea Fire. Check out the graphs below to see significant Montecito sales that closed in a twelve-month period following a fire.

Sherpa Fire, June 2016

8 Sales in Montecito $8M+ June 2016-June 2017



La Brea Fire, August 2009  

Jesusita Fire, May 2009

Tea Fire, November 2009

14 Sales in Montecito $8M+, November 2009 - November 2010



Gap Fire, July 2008

9 Sales in Montecito $8M+, July 2008- July 2009


Zaca Fire, July 2007

19 Sales in Montecito $8M+, July 2007- July 2008


Riskin Partners - 2017 in Numbers


Riskin Partners - 2017 in Numbers


For our 2017 annual report, we're giving you an inside look into the world of the number one team in Montecito! Given these facts and stats, it's no wonder Riskin Partners had the highest sales of any team in Montecito last year. Curious to know how many hours we worked? Wonder how much coffee we drank? What's your guess on how many celebrity showings we had? Scroll down and take a look at Number 1's numbers!

Cheers to the new year,
Riskin Partners









giphy (1).gif

78.2K Website Visits

95,000 text messages sent

190,000 emails sent



52 BBFS (Breakfast Burrito Fridays)

52 BBFS (Breakfast Burrito Fridays)

468 Espresso Pods Consumed

Hip Montecito.png

126 Emails Campaigns Sent

giphy-downsized-large (1).gif

1 Successful Auction


13 dogs adopted through our partnership with "SB dawg"

santa barbara dog adoption and wellness

giphy (3).gif

15 Property Videos Filmed

Photoshoot gif.gif

29 Photo Shoots

1465 Showings


75 Broker Opens Held

10 Causes Donated To by Riskin Partners


40 Articles Featuring Riskin Partners

22 Celebrity Showings


6 Non-Work Related Team Socials

1118 Hours spent touring With Buyers

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 5.19.23 PM.png

14,870 Combined Hours Spent in the Office

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 5.15.59 PM.png

95 Coffee & Cookie Runs to Jeannine's




in Montecito Sales in 2017

Here's to 365 happy, healthy, and prosperous days in 2018!!!


Montecito Social Calendar: December


Montecito Social Calendar: December

it's always sunny in santa barbara

santa barbara is widely recognized for having the best weather year round, and we couldn't agree more. with our warm winters and coastal vibes, there's no place more ideal to spend the  holiday season. read for a taste of santa barbara's december musts!

a warm Kick off to December


outdoor celebrations: holiday parades + festivals

as the holiday season nears, santa barbara takes full advantage of our amazing weather and prime location.  Come and enjoy the holidays as we celebrate all over our beautiful beach town - you wont want to miss these festivities.


65th Annual Downtown Santa Barbara Holiday Parade

When: Friday, december 1st | where: state street, from sola to cota

Officially kicking off the holiday season, this signature Downtown Santa Barbara event brings a colossal contingent of high-stepping marching bands, fabulous holiday-themed floats, spectacular performance groups, local personalities, and our amazing Grand Marshal, Noah Wyle! The Holiday Prince and Fairy, selected from winning artwork best capturing the parade theme, lead the parade and light up the street on their way down the parade route.

32nd annual Christmas parade of lights

when: sunday, december 10th | where: santa barbara harbor & waterfront

At 5:30 p.m. the annual boat parade begins with approximately 30 boats motoring, sailing, and paddling the Santa Barbara Coastline to the theme of Hollywood Holidays. Judging takes place at Stearns Wharf and boats are awarded donated cash and prizes in five categories. Best viewing locations include Stearns Wharf and the breakwater. Then visitors enjoy a fireworks show after the parade, ending their night with a bang.


Snow Leopard Festival/Sledding at the Zoo

When: sunday, december 3rd | Where: Santa Barbara Zoo

A rare blizzard hits the Zoo with 80 tons of snow for sledding and snow play for this frosty fun family festival. Snow leopards bask in their element while Santa poses for holiday photos.

solvang julefest parade

when: saturday, december 2nd  | Where: Downtown solvang

Along the route of the annual Solvang Julefest Parade. More than 400 participants and 50 + entries march, trot, cruise and stroll along festively decorated Mission Drive, Copenhagen Drive and adjacent streets.  Thousands of spectators from near and far enjoy the parade as well as free, post-parade visits with Santa in Solvang Park.


Santa Barbara's Historic theater district

Home to the granada theater, the lobero, and the ensemble theater company at the new vic, the historic theater district provides world-class programming and access to the performing arts to diverse and passionate audiences.

featuring: The Nutcracker

when: Saturday, December 9th, 2:30pm/7pm + Sunday, December 10th, 2:30pm | Where: The Arlington Theater

Featuring: miss bennett: Christmas at pemberley

when: thursday, November 30th - sunday, December 17th | where: The Ensemble theater company

Montecito Real Estate Luxury Real Estate Riskin Partners Santa Barbara Real Estate

Featuring: The Christmas Revels

when: friday, december 15th - sunday, December 17th | where: the lobero theater


santa barbara waters


Whether you're looking to surf, lay out and relax, tale the dog out for a run, or play volleyball with the kids, Santa Barbara beaches are home to some of the best activities for the whole family.


Can't help but be thankful for Santa Barbara, each and every day. #happythanksgiving #americanriviera 📷: @paddlesportscenter

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whale migration

From late December through early February, Pacific Gray Whales migrate south to breed in the warm Mexican waters. A large number of these southbound whales travel through the gap between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands.


santa barbara beach horseback riding

Enjoy the invigorating (and romantic) thrill of a glorious Santa Barbara Beach Horseback Ride in this acclaimed private or semi-private 90-minute excursion. Two ride options available.


water sports + activities

Santa barbara adventure company:

Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, and much, much more

The SB Adventure company is committed to creating unforgettable adventures of the highest quality, focusing on the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside and coastal waters. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides offer exceptional service and share with you a side of the Santa Barbara area few visitors ever get to experience.

Santa barbara sailing center

 Learn to sail, charter a sailboat, rent a variety of small sail or power boats or escape on award-winning Liveaboard Instructional Sailing Vacations to the world-famous Channel Islands National Park.
Choose from a wide variety of public cruises and see oceans of marine life and spectacular coastline views.


eateries with outdoor seating

enjoy santa barbara's beautiful weather and gorgeous views while tasting foods from the area's best restaurants and chefs.

Jeannine's restaurant and bakery

Jeannine’s is part of the fabric of Santa Barbara and strives daily to provide a place where people can enjoy one-of-a-kind pastries and nutritious food every day.

Three locations: Montecito, Downtown, and Uptown

bella vista at the Four seasons resort the biltmore

With panoramic ocean and island views across Montecito’s Butterfly Beach, guests will enjoy a contemporary Italian menu showcasing fresh California ingredients. The expansive terrace features Italian marble, indoor fireplaces, an outdoor fire pit and a retractable glass roof further create the indoor–outdoor dining experience.

Monday's are for Latte Art 👑

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Zaytoon - the hidden oasis in the center of Santa Barbara. A place where you can experience fresh and tasty Lebanese cuisine. A garden you can enjoy with your special guests. Experience the sounds of waterfall, the glow of little lights and the warmth of fire. 

the stonehouse at san ysidro ranch

Located in a 19th-century citrus packing house, The Stonehouse features a relaxing lounge with full bar service and a separate dining room with crackling fireplace and creek side views. Guests can dine under the romantic gaze of Southern California's stars on the ocean view deck--a wood-burning fireplace and heated stone flooring provide year-round comfort.

Boathouse at hendry's beach

The Boathouse at Hendry's Beach, featuring exquisite dining and Santa Barbara's most spectacular ocean views. Stop by for fresh seafood and the best happy hour anywhere.


Luxury Meets Leisure


Luxury Meets Leisure

Santa Barbara is often thought of as a small seaside town with idyllic weather, uncrowded beaches, and iconic architecture. While partially true, that only paints a small picture of what real life is like in Santa Barbara...rich in great food and wine, a thriving arts and culture scene, and events and festivals that are anything but sleepy. 


Montecito Social Calendar: November


Montecito Social Calendar: November

fall charity events


Extraordinary fundraiser event in support of the Dream Foundation. The Gala's itinerary consists of special guest speakers, entertainment, and much more.


This annual benefit concert is put on by the Rhythmic Arts Project, a foundation that works to educate individuals with disabilities through a rhythmic-based curriculum.

It's a beautiful night for the #DreamlandGala.

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Fall Festivities 

Spend time with the SB Zoo animals as they eat and play with their very own pumpkins and other fall treats.

More cruises available online.

Magical SeaTime! #may #fullmoon #sailing #sunsetkidd #santabarbara photo skills by @parmawellness

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Reggie's been working hard on carving his jack-o-lantern this year! #santabarbarazoo #halloween #pumpkincarving #cockatoo

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Fall Eats

This exquisite event offers a multi-course dinner, wine pairings, and more, bringing the James Beard House culinary experience to our very own Santa Barbara.

Experience grape stomping at the Margerum Estate Vineyard alongside a lovely lunch catered by Valle Fresh.


fall arts

Enjoy a beautifully curated pop-up experience compiled of local brands, artisans, and other creatives.

Sit back, sip, and relax as you paint at the Kalyra Winery vineyard in Santa Ynez. All skill levels welcome.




Homes for Artists & Art Collectors


Homes for Artists & Art Collectors

Unique homes express the personality of their occupants, and it is no wonder that some of the most extraordinary properties belong or previously belonged to artists and art collectors, who embrace the offbeat and the unconventional. 


Homes like the San Ysidro Ranch you can OWN!


Homes like the San Ysidro Ranch you can OWN!


san ysidro ranch

The story of San Ysidro Ranch is told through the history books of Old California. Nostalgia, romance, legend, and myth intertwine here, creating the ambiance that makes the Ranch an icon of California and one of the world’s most desirable retreats. With 500 acres and 17 miles of magnificent hiking trails through lavender, jasmine, orange blossoms, and eucalyptus nestled between the mountains and ocean, San Ysidro Ranch is an oasis of calm and tranquility surrounded by incredibly landscaped gardens. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill, JFK and Jackie (honeymoon), Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh (midnight nuptials), to rock stars, politicians, actors, and writers have called it home. Intimate cottages wind around lush gardens, each individually decorated with antiques; stone fireplaces; oak floors; large private decks, many with indoor/outdoor rain showers; sunken hot tubs; heated floors; and private gardens. The San Ysidro Ranch is a luxury in seclusion and pure nirvana.


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871 Oak Grove Drive


Incredible mountain views, a charming patio and a bubbling, natural stone water element greet you at the front portico.  The north patio provides a serene mountain view and overlooks the gardens, designed by the renowned San Ysidro Ranch landscape architect Laurie Lewis, giving a wonderful sense of arrival as you enter the home.

Perfectly located in the Golden Quadrangle, 871 Oak Grove seamlessly blends old world charm, cutting-edge technology and an ever evolving natural environment to create a living experience that is as effortless and timeless as it is sophisticated and innovative.


Sitting Room.jpg


Montecito's Botanic Gardens


Montecito's Botanic Gardens

Montecito's Gardens

It is hard to imagine a more idyllic setting than the tiny seaside village of Montecito. One of the nation’s wealthiest communities, it communicates its grandeur with understated elegance and sublime sophistication.

Unlike most places, Montecito is spread out over large parcels, creating privacy and gardens that are unimaginable to most. Integrated with the world-renowned Ganna Walska Lotusland and the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, the enormous diversity of exotic plants makes Montecito’s landscape unparalleled.


Lotusland is a globally renowned (and locally treasured) 37-acre estate and botanic garden situated in the foothills of Montecito, California. It is home to more than 3,000 different plants from around the world. The estate gardens were created by Madame Ganna Walska, who owned the property from 1941 until her death in 1984.  The fascinating life and career of Madame Ganna Walska culminated with 43 years of designing unusual display gardens with exotic plants. In her writings, she described herself as “an enemy of the average” – truly a woman of unique accomplishments, philosophies, and imagination. Lotusland is home to several extraordinary collections including rare cycads, cacti, palms, and euphorbias. Additional gardens feature ferns, aloes, lotuses, water lilies, bromeliads and cactus garden with more than 300 species.

adapted from http://www.lotusland.org/gardens/flying-through-lotusland-video/

santa barbara botanic garden

"With sweeping views to the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and stunning landscapes, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a great place to explore California's native plant diversity. The Garden's 78 acres encompass a variety of cultivated displays, as well as stands of the natural coast, live oak, and riparian woodlands.

With over 1,000 different taxa of plants on display there is always something new to experience. Stroll the 5.5 miles of paths and discover featured areas within the Garden: the historic Mission Dam and aqueduct built in 1807 to supply water to the Santa Barbara Mission, an authentic Japanese Teahouse and Tea Garden, and the spectacular views along the Porter Trail. Experience the quiet cool of the Redwood grove on a hot summer’s day or the knockout punch of the Meadow wildflowers in full bloom in spring."

adapted from http://www.sbbg.org/explore-garden

At-Home Gardens



Solana is home to an impressive collection of zoetic gardens.  A visual feast, Solana's landscape comes alive through vivid colors, detailed manicuring, wild footprints, unexpected specimens and above all else, a skillfully layered design plan.  Her gardens, quixotic and Edenic, provide ceaseless cycles of transformation and an evolving stage for the theatrics of seasons. 

Curated as a collection of planning to delight all five senses, Solana’s gardens offer incredible range and depth. Extending from local to the exotic, the varietals delight, surprise and comfort all who experience their beauty.

Whether you prefer to experience the day's first blush in crisp winter air or a late night summer stroll in the moonlight, Solana's magical gardens, a botanical battalion, unfold with delight. The following pages highlight a sampling of the many plantings that call Solana home.


The enchanting 5.5-acre grounds inspire adventurers of all ages. Vast verdant lawns, enhanced by private water, beg for croquet and games of tag. Descend the softly rolling lawns to discover a hidden sanctuary, perfect for languid afternoon naps or meditation. Meander further still to come across a wooden bridge, chaperoning the sounds from the creek underfoot. Princes and princesses will have fun storming the castle in a magical zone amongst the forest replete with forts, towers, moats, and dragons. Whether you are in your fifth summer or fifty-fifth, there are sights, sounds, and surprises around every corner of the grounds.


The north patio provides a serene mountain view and overlooks the gardens, designed by the renowned San Ysidro Ranch landscape architect Laurie Lewis, giving a wonderful sense of arrival as you enter the home.


Trending Now///Montecito


Trending Now///Montecito

The new Montecito

Montecito has always been known for its impressive history of visitors and residents, luxury boutiques and restaurants, low-key lifestyle, and for its location between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, while remaining only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. While this reputation is spot on, Montecito has changed in the last few years with young entrepreneurs opening hip restaurants, on-trend clothing stores, design shops, and focused accessory boutiques.

The median age of homebuyers in Montecito continues to go down, and it feels as though this small town of ours better caters to socialites looking for a new summer outfit, followed by an evening cocktail on Honor Bar’s patio. The lifestyle is Montecito is hard to beat with everything at your fingertips, all within 5 minutes of each other. You get a luxurious, intimate, and private experience in Montecito without the traffic, lines, and waits. Riding bikes to Coast Village Road or the beach is not an uncommon sight and only takes 10 minutes from almost any home in the area. We're not exaggerating when we say A+ location!

///restaurants to Watch///

honor Bar

At Honor Bar in Montecito, you'll find an exquisite wooden bar in the center, surrounded by cozy booths. This tiny space also sports an exhibition kitchen where you can watch all the action. Outdoors enjoy a cocktail and assortment of snacks at one of our patio tables or relaxing Adirondack chairs— dogs are always welcome! Walk-ins only.

While you're here, don't forget to visit Honor Market next door for coffee & espresso, exceptional products for the home, and the neighborhood’s best artisanal take-home pizza. Honor Bar and Honor Market now offer delivery.


Philin' real lucky tonight 🙌🏼 #canyouphilthelovetonight #weupallnighttogetlucky #anniversaryvacay

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Lucky's décor is part of its allure. Vast windows peek out on a colorful thoroughfare. Old studio headshots of Hollywood stars on the walls create a palpable classy feel. But it's the quality steaks that have garnered Lucky's a devoted repeat clientele. Cuts like filet mignon, sirloin, and New York steak are served à la carte, with a bevy of starch and vegetable options. Lucky's is also famous for offering abalone, brought in from a nearby ocean-water farm, pan-fried and served with a Chardonnay-butter sauce and a rich cucumber-dill salad. There's rack of lamb too, as well as such appetizers as the French onion soup, giant prawn cocktail, and rice flour-battered onion rings. Save room for desserts like warm bread pudding with bourbon sauce and a Grand Marnier soufflé with crème anglaise. Lucky's wine list is long and heavy on expensive bottlings. The crowd tends to be big and noisy on the weekend, and if you're lucky, you'll run into a celebrity.

(via Gayot)


///Boutiques to Watch///


If you’re looking for timeless pieces and high quality “basics” Civilianaire is my go-to place in Montecito. They sell raw denim pants and jackets, which are hard to find anywhere in Santa Barbara, chic casual-wear perfect for my morning stroll to Jeanine’s for a breakfast burrito and coffee, and hip dresses and graphic tees that you can dress up with the right jewelry and shoes for cocktails at Lucky’s.

CIVILIANAIRE Clothing brand was started by two of the fashion industries favorites, Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman. After 24 years, the founders and visionaries of Lucky Brand Jeans, Montesano and Perlman have returned to their roots and are manufacturing domestically in Vernon, California.



The best accessory 🐶 Swing by for some 🥂 with the girls this weekend❕ #forloveandlemons #frenchies #frenchieoftheday

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I stopped by Whisky + Leather for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and immediately wanted to buy everything in the store! They carry brands you may be familiar with, but their selection is more unique than most – definitely stands out from the crowd. Their lifestyle brand carries an eclectic, relaxed inventory of clothing, shoes, and goods for both men and women. Not only do you want to try on everything they have on display, but if you are of age, of course, they have a variety of whisky to sip on while you shop. Stop in for a summer dress for that beach wedding you haven’t yet found an outfit for, or a rustic potted succulent plant and coffee table book to give your living room a little-added flare.



You walk into this boutique and immediately feel welcomed and surrounded by timeless, classy pieces for all ages. They have an incredible selection of knitwear that can be paired with skinny chinos and pumps for an evening at the Four Season’s Biltmore or thrown together with a denim skirt and your favorite Adidas for a day of shopping with your best friends. Laura is the former Creative Director for Antoinette in Montecito and began her career in 1984 working with Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana collections of the 1980’s to the current fashion houses of Etro, Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela and more.



Kendall Conrad

On a hunt for a beautifully understated handbag, leather goods, jewelry, or footwear? Look no further. You will find clean and classic pieces with a bit of an artsy boho edge at Kendall Conrad's in the Montecito Country Mart. True to their uniqueness, all the items are crafted in California using artisanal techniques and the finest materials. Owner, Kendall Conrad is a modern style icon. The former model grew up in Santa Barbara, the daughter of a writer and a painter, who was a former bullfighter. Her classic, sophisticated style was influenced by her bohemian California upbringing as well as the time she spent living abroad in Paris and London. Kendall’s creativity and chic style eventually lead to the creation of an eponymous handbag line which has evolved into a full accessories collection.

blanka boutique

Blanka Boutique is an eclectic boutique curated by Jennie Reiter. The store is full of brands you used to only find in Los Angeles like Alice + Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg, Shona Joy, Rebecca Taylor and other more Los Angeles based brands like Privacy Please, Otis & Maclain, and even her line, Blanka the LABEL. Jennie’s styling and shopping background serve as her inspiration for the store and the wide range of style “personalities” she represents- from the chic city girl to the romantic and retro; there is truly something for everyone. She even offers personal styling appointments you can purchase to gain new understanding about your coloring, body type, and style type. This Spring and Summer she will be offering closet cleansing and curating house calls as she goes back to her roots of personal styling. This store is an experience worth making time for on your next stay in Santa Barbara.




Architecture Series: French Country Estates

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Architecture Series: French Country Estates

French Country Architecture

Montecito is unique not only geographically, but also architecturally and is home to stunning and grand estates, with a wide variety of architecture styles.  A less common and highly desirable design style, French Country architecture stands out from Santa Barbara's famous Mediterranean homes.

French Country architecture is known for it's rustic yet comfortable designs with asymmetrical exteriors and delicate characteristics. Steep roof pitches at various heights are quite common, and estate-like French Country chateaus are most commonly 2-stories. Exterior stonework is typical, as exhibited at 871 Oak Grove Drive, as well as stone flooring throughout the interior of the estate. You will often find soft, curved arches, which add a luxury and grand touch to the overall feel of the architecture.

Another unique feature of French Country architecture is the roof often comes down to the window, either covering up the second story or attic. At 771 Garden Lane, the roof drops down to the second level, while an attic (in this case, the second level of the master closet) remains tucked away.

871 Oak Grove combines the best of old-world elegance with livable and comfortable interiors. It is host to the most beautiful gardens and located in one of the best school districts in California.

Oak Grove's interior and exterior living spaces have gorgeous stone floors throughout. The French doors open to incredible mountain views, a charming patio, and a bubbling, natural stone water element.  The north patio provides a serene mountain view and overlooks the gardens, designed by the renowned San Ysidro Ranch landscape architect Laurie Lewis, giving a wonderful sense of arrival as you enter the home.

771 Garden Lane is an expansive estate, and home to the soft arches for which Fench Country architecture is known. Steeped roof pitches and stucco exteriors support the stunning roofline.  

Pictured to the right is the guest house entrance with columned archways.

The expansive formal living room is ideal for entertaining. Three sets of arched French doors open to the ocean view terrace and magnificent gardens beyond. The living room walls are adorned with elegant moldings that create subtle shadows in the space, especially so when illuminated by the dancing glow from the fireplace. Varying width, wide-plank wood floors complete the elegant, yet comfortable space.

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Global Luxury Real Estate Market Report: Luxury Defined 2017


Global Luxury Real Estate Market Report: Luxury Defined 2017


What is the hottest luxury real estate market in the world? What is the price point for a true luxury property around the world? How definite are the basic assumptions about luxury real estate markets? Where are the world’s greatest second-home lifestyle markets?

Luxury Defined, Christie’s International Real Estate’s fifth annual white paper, seeks to answer these questions and provide exclusive insights into the world’s greatest luxury real estate markets. By synthesizing the data of over 100 luxury real estate brokerages around the globe, Luxury Defined offers crucial observations and statistics that are invaluable for positioning Christie’s International Real Estate and its Affiliate network as the global leader in luxury real estate.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Golden Quadrangle, Montecito


Neighborhood Spotlight: Golden Quadrangle, Montecito

Montecito's Golden Quadrangle

Montecito's  Golden Quadrangle is one of the most desirable places to live, considering it's within close proximity to the famed San Ysidro Ranch, within walking distance to a handful of gorgeous hiking trails, and is in one of the best school districts in all of California. There are a variety of restaurants that are perfect for a casual bite out, or a fancier date night with your significant other. Additionally, Manning Park is the perfect park to run around for a quick soccer game with the family, or a picnic with friends, and you'll often see outdoor yoga classes taking place under the oak trees. Montecito offers a luxurious yet laid back lifestyle, and is an easy getaway from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, or any larger city for that matter. 

Top School in California - Montecito Union

Montecito is a destination for people all over the globe thanks to the gorgeous beaches, fine dining, and luxury shopping. Those lucky enough to live in the Golden Quadrangle benefit from way more than just the tasty food and chic attire Montecito has to offer. This area is home to one of the top elementary schools in California: Montecito Union. Recognized in 2014 as a California Distinguished School by the California Department of Education, and ranked the number 2 elementary school in the state based on the CAASPP ELA (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress for elementary level) test scores, this school is extremely desirable and has a lot to offer. Additionally, MUS obtained international recognition as a Habits of Mind school, and received a gold medal as a California Green Ribbon School.

For many families, living in premier school district is a top priority when searching for a new home. Riskin Partners has a selection of family-friendly listings that fall in this premier school district. Truly the ideal location for primary education.

Bicycle rider's dream patch of the earth right here #biking #longride #traintobiketrail #montecito

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San Ysidro Ranch

"Nestled among 500 acres in the Montecito foothills of Southern California's wine country, San Ysidro Ranch has provided a tranquil vacation destination for discriminating travelers for over a century. Guests are drawn to the Santa Barbara hideaway for its blend of natural beauty, romantic heritage and classic luxury. Individually decorated private cottages and suites wind along San Ysidro's hillside creek and tree-lined paths. Built in classic bungalow style, guest accommodations feature hot tubs on private outdoor patios with outdoor rain fall showers, hand-cut stone or Old World masonry fireplaces, radiant-heated bathroom floors, and hand-selected antique furnishings. Myth and history mingle in the lush gardens where Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier exchanged vows; in the setting of John and Jackie Kennedy's honeymoon retreat."

HELLO SUMMER 🍹#plowandangel #olives #margarita #santabarbara

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Sunny days ☀️ #sanysidroranch #santabarbara

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Not just a perfect place for your friends and relatives to stay, but the Ranch has stunning views, amazing cocktails, and gorgeous orchards and herb gardens to stroll through in the evenings.

Fresh basil in Chef's organic garden to top our parmesan crusted halibut with house-made gnocchi 🌱 #sanysidroranch

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A beautiful sunny Monday at the Ranch ☀️ #sanysidroranch

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Montecito boasts a wide variety of hiking trails from easy to strenuous, perfect for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and trail running! Many of our listings are steps away from the most pristine hiking trails, which create a relaxing, serene escape into nature with beautiful scenery of the Santa Ynez mountains and sweeping panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.  Looking to escape the beach? Check out Cold Springs Trail, San Ysidro Trail, and McMenemy Trail! 

Race spectating @katesoutrunning & chillin' with R

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don't forget tangerines!!

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click the images below to view a few of our offerings in the golden quadrangle


Neighborhood Spotlight: Montecito Lower Village


Neighborhood Spotlight: Montecito Lower Village

montecito lower village

When you think of Montecito, you think of luxury accessory boutiques, high-end wine and olive oil shops, nice restaurants that put love and care into their quality, taste, and presentation of dishes, and interior decorating shops to inspire and help you turn your home into a contemporary-chic luxury or a rustic and elegant sanctuary.

The Lower Village in Montecito is the ultimate spot for those looking for privacy, ocean views, large lots, and hoping to be within close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops, shopping of all sorts - jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, home decor, as well as essential places like your vet, attorney, bank, real estate agent, go-to grocery store, hair stylist, and manicurist. Not only does the Lower Village have everything you need, within walking distance, but Butterfly Beach is just steps  away from Coast Village Road. 


Our office is located on Coast Village Road, so we really do experience the Lower Village first hand. Our favorite spots include Jeannine's for breakfast burritos in the morning, or fresh baked cookies in the afternoon. We're also the number 1 fans of Honor Market Pizza and you'll often find one of us there at the end of the day grabbing pizzas to bring home. The Lower Village has it all -  Lucky's for happy hour and a great steak, Los Arroyos for simple yet authentic Mexican food, Tre Lune for a nice Italian dinner, Sakana for sushi, and a handful of coffee shops scattered up and down the street. The Lower Village is really winning your tastebuds over.

50 minutes until pizza time. #honormarket #montecito #santabarbara #coastvillageroad #pizzatogo #4oclock #pizzatime

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Jeannines's Montecito

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Coast Village CATWALK

Montecito’s lower village has grown with trendy shopping for all ages from gorgeous vintage attire and accessories to chic trends for a weekend at your favorite music festival. Some of our favorite stores include K Frank, Allora By Laura, and Blanka. 


Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories 

K. Frank offers a carefully selected presentation of mens and women’s clothing from the most relevant designer, contemporary, and classic fashion houses.  Their lifestyle edit incorporates premier shoe, accessory, and jewelry collections.  Owners Kevin and Katie Frank are committed to every detail.  Open seven days a week on Montecito’s main drag.

Remerch by @rachaelgaut feels like 🙌🏽

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BLANKA BOUTIQUE is an eclectic boutique curated by Jennie Reiter. The store is full of brands you used to only find in Los Angeles like Alice + Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg, Shona Joy, Rebecca Taylor and other more Los Angeles based brands like Privacy Please, Otis & Maclain, and even her own line, Blanka the LABEL. Jennie’s personal styling and shopping background serves as her inspiration for the store and the wide range of style “personalities” she represents- from the city chic girl, to the romantic and retro, there is truly something for everyone. She even offers personal styling appointments you can purchase to gain new understanding about your coloring, body type, and style type. This Spring and Summer, she will be offering closet cleansing and house calls as she goes back to her roots of personal styling. This store is an experience worth making time for on your next stay in Santa Barbara. 


The marriage of fine European clothing with a soulful California attitude could not provide a better foundation for luxurious everyday style. Allora by Laura is a space where fashion lovers can interpret for themselves just how to wear bias cut column dresses, cashmere wraps, retro jumpsuits, leather jackets and curated accessories. Exclusive, captivating silhouettes inspire and enhance the daily wardrobe as well as special event ensembles. Delighting in whats wonderful to wear and finding the perfect piece to express yourself is the Allora experience.

All sorts of new goodies are arriving daily! Also we are really digging this color palate!!

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Ghost Village Road

Every Halloween, "Ghost" Village Road attracts over 1,500 people in costume and ready for treats.  The Lower Village turns into a lively daytime trick-or-treating extravaganza, and all the local businesses are prepared for the exciting event. Children and their parents walk up and down the entire stretch of the road, collecting as much candy as possible. The Montecito Association created this fun, safe, and family-oriented event that also benefits all the shops and businesses along Coast Village Road as it gives us a chance to interact with the community.

halloween '16

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Cacti and Cocktails

Ganna walska lotusland

The cactus garden is especially lovely in the late afternoon light. Stroll through the garden and experience the magnificent epiphyllum and cactus blooms. Join a docent-led tour or members may explore the garden on their own. Specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach draws a strong local crowd. There are no kayak rentals, or snack shops, so it's really the ideal place to post up with a picnic and some magazines if you're looking to relax in the sun!

Other whippets can't hang

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Sunset Beach Runs.

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properties in the Lower Village


Neighborhood Spotlight: Hope Ranch's Beach Access, Trails, and Top Schools Make it a Top Place to Buy Real Estate


Neighborhood Spotlight: Hope Ranch's Beach Access, Trails, and Top Schools Make it a Top Place to Buy Real Estate



Enchanting French Country Estate, Hope Ranch   |   offered at $14,900,000   |   click photo to learn more


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Private Beach Access

As a Hope Ranch member, you have private access to Hope Ranch Beach. This is a huge perk of living in the Hope Ranch community, and a main reason why people purchase homes in this neighborhood. There are lifeguards at the beach during the summer season, ensuring everyone experiences a fun and safe beach day while participating in a handful of activities. Hope Ranch beach offers picnic grounds, a play structure, a snack bar, kayak storage, storage lockers, bathrooms, and outdoor showers. The Hope Ranch Association also holds an annual summer beach party for residents where you spend the day barbecuing, surfing, kayaking, playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles in the sand, and at the end of the evening you have the option to set up a tent and camp overnight with the rest of the Hope Ranch community.



With miles of equestrian trails that span throughout the entire Hope Ranch community, horse enthusiasts can take their equestrian friends out on a trail ride and even ride along the beach at sunset.

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The highly acclaimed Laguna Blanca upper school is centrally located on 35-acres in Hope Ranch. "The Laguna experience shapes students in every possible way. While academics are at the core, it is just the beginning. Students are not only thinkers and scholars, but they are also artists, athletes, community volunteers, club members, leaders, and most importantly friends." 




Lined with oak trees, and tucked away in the rolling coastal hills, Hope Ranch is one of the most exclusive communities on the Central Coast. There is exclusive Hope Ranch patrol guarding the roads and keeping them safe, as well as a monthly newsletter with all recent activity that occurred in the community. Those lucky enough to live in Hope Ranch will tell you they wouldn't live anywhere else!


February Highlights in Santa Barbara and Montecito


February Highlights in Santa Barbara and Montecito

Events in February

There are a lot of exiting things happening in February!

Santa Barbara Film Festival

"SBIFF is a year-round organization that is best known for its main film festival that takes place each year in February. Over the past 30 years the Santa Barbara International Film Festival has become one of the leading film festivals in the United States – attracting 90,000 attendees and offering 11days of 200+ films, tributes and symposiums. We bring the best of independent and international cinema to Santa Barbara, and we continue to expand our year-round operation to include a wide range of educational programming, fulfilling our mission to engage, enrich and inspire our community through film." 



Coastal Concierge Wine Tours

"'Wine tour' is almost too tame of a designation for this day. This is a wine escapade, a wine fantasy, or best, a wine caper, a whirl of a day that will have you feeling like elder statesmen or adventurers in page-turning fiction.

Your guide will escort you from your hotel or residence to the Santa Barbara airport, where you will take a private flight in an R44 Raven 1 helicopter, soaring above the Pacific and passing over the Santa Ynez Mountains, easing to a gentle landing among our hillside vineyards. Two separate wineries will treat you to exclusive tastings and tours. As you enjoy the gourmet lunch your guide has prepared, you will vow never to travel by car again."



Health and Fitness in 2017


Health and Fitness in 2017


Setting fitness goals is the most popular new years resolution. Gyms are crowded, and it's often hard to find the perfect workout that you enjoy going back to. 


Aug 25-27, 2017: Santa Barbara Triathlon


Date TBD: Pier to Peak Half Marathon


Oct 8, 2017: Big Avocado 5K Run/Walk


Nov 11, 2017: Veterans Day Half Marathon

Nov 23, 2017: Thanksgiving 4 Miler

Nov 23, 2017: ZeeBlu 5K and 10K


Date TBD: Santa claus run