Step outside to exquisite gardens crafted by the world-renowned French landscape architect, Jean Mus.  Under Mus’ artistic direction, the grounds have been ushered into an era of Belle Époque. 




Discover the incredible natural light that is only known in two venues on earth: the south-facing shores of the Mediterranean and her sister coast, Montecito.  Here, you’ll look forward to endless summer nights wandering the grounds in a brume of scented citrus blossoms and yearn for winter skies when the sun extends its arc and illuminates the mountains with a sense of inexplicable wonder. 

Both as the foundation for the estate, and possibly its star, this location, this view and these gardens create an unparalleled experience.  With the sea at your fingertips and the foothills in standing ovation, from this vantage point, you are truly on top of the world.